Opening Reception for The Art of Harvey Kurtzman

The Society hosted an Opening Reception for the Art of Harvey Kurtzman this past Friday, and we had an incredible turnout!  


There were many friendly faces and icons from the comic, cartoon, and illustration industry in attendance! 


Here’s Art Spiegelman and Peter Kuper.


Al Jaffee, Brian Walker, Arnold and Caroline Roth in the Hall of Fame Dining Room.

Curators Denis Kitchen and Monte Beauchamp with Society of Illustrators Executive Director Anelle Miller.

There are also some really great reviews and blogs about our exhibit including Mark Frauenfelder’s article on Boing Boing, this one by Imperium,  and this one by our friend Stephen Kroninger! 

The exhibit will be on display from March 6 - May 11, 2013.   For more pictures from this event visit our flickr

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